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Visit ParcelAuditPartners.com or call 401-737-5055 to see how we do more for less!

▲ FedEx Auditing | UPS Auditing for Service Failures and Billing Errors

▲ Lost & Damaged Claims Processing

▲ Carrier Contract Analysis | Optimization | Negotiation

▲ Deep Discount Freight


We get your money refunded for late FedEx and UPS shipments.

We will find eligible late shipments and get your money refunded to you, automatically!

Since 2002, we have saved MILLIONS of dollars for THOUSANDS of FedEx and UPS shippers.  Why not you?


FedEx and UPS are great companies.
They absolutely, positively guarantee the on-time delivery of your packages.

You PAY for that guarantee as part of your shipping charges.


Late shipments are caused by human error and are a statistical certainty.  The reality is that about 10% of all shipments are late and may be eligible for a refund.

Last year, there were over $2 Billion in available refunds, yet only a tiny fraction of that shipping refund money was ever recovered.


When your shipments are just one minute late, you are entitled to up to a 100% refund of your shipping charges.

That's their guarantee and they honor it without question, but they make it as difficult as they can for to actually get your refund.


Look at all the work involved in tracking all of your shipments:

1. Finding all of the late deliveries.

2. Calling the carriers to bring them to their attention.

3. Applying for all of your service failure refunds.

4. Debating with the carriers over the denials.

5. Wait on hold.

6. Call back when you get mysteriously disconnected.


We do all this for you.  You do nothing!

We will automatically track your FedEx and UPS Ground, Express, or International shipments for you!

When your packages are delivered late we will do all the work to secure your refunds for you.

The carriers pay the refunds directly to you.

See the "Details" pages for our service options.




Our Freight Program is administered by our Parcel Audit Partners division for large shippers.

We have pooled the combined purchasing power of our clients with many others to create an alliance with freight volume purchasing power of over $500 million.

The result is freight rates up to 25% below what you could get on your own, plus you will get personalized help from freight specialists via email or at our toll free phone number.

  • 2 minute registration gives you access to unbeatable rates from familiar, highly regarded national and regional carriers.  They must meet or exceed the U.S. DOT’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) requirements.
  • On our dedicated freight website, you will be able to log in, enter your freight shipment characteristics and get a quote in just a few minutes.  If you want to go ahead with the quoted shipment, you can schedule the shipment right there and print a bill of lading.  Done.
  • We control the contracts with the carriers, so we audit the carrier invoices and pay them.  We bill you for the correct amount -as per quote- with 30 day terms.
  • No account maintenance fees.  Your only cost is the quoted freight rate.
  • Pricing discounts and programs for small, medium, and high volume shippers.
  • Get multiple quotes for your Truckload, Volume LTL, LTL, Expedite and International shipments all on one web page.
  • Premium level shippers get a custom portal with tracking, history and analytics at no extra cost.
  • Platinum level shippers get a customized Transportation Management System (TMS) solution.
  • Email and #800 phone support line at no extra charge.
  • We will even help you with your shipping documents.

Just like our parcel auditing service, we have removed all downside risk. This is a no-brainer!  All you have to do is sign up and start comparing rates.

For more information, or to register:
Call us at 401-737-5055, or
Go to our Discount Freight Program page on our website.  ParcelAuditPartners.com  ==> Discount Freight

Email  info @ refundtech.com, or

Click on the truck to go to the registration page for more information.









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