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Refund Technology

All testimonials are direct quotes, used with permission.





 "We have been using Refund Technology for over 8 years and we are ecstatic with their service. Not only are we getting more service failure refunds from the carriers, the cost is a fraction of what our own labor used to cost. No hassle, no worries, no work, it's like getting paid for doing nothing. Call Refund Technology, 401-737-5055."

--Craig S., Phoenix, AZ


 "I started out using the Refund Tech monthly flat rate program, which refunds 100% of your service failures, and then moved to the split plan, where they keep ½ of anything they recover—as I was not experiencing enough service failures on a monthly basis to routinely justify the monthly fee. I am very happy with their 50/50 service. I highly recommend Refund Technology."

--Jan S., Carmichael, CA



 "OK, here I am into the 10th working day of 2009 and I have just received service failure refunds to the tune of $309.27 without lifting a finger other than to pay Refund Technology for their outstanding service. All were on Ground shipments. All were big expensive shipments. All were over $60 each.
This is better than the lottery ! Using Refund Tech is like increasing my retail pricing by 35 % or more.. OR like having someone pay me for doing nothing."

--Ron H., Oklahoma City, OK

 "I have been a customer of Refund Technology for several years. They are a knowledgeable, competent vendor who have saved me much time and money over the years.
We have a busy store and researching service failures has always been a "hit or miss" process. Refund Technology tracks every single package and contacts the carriers for refunds -- even on ground packages!!
They take all the work out of the process, leaving me more time to grow my business and serve my customers."

--Pat O., San Diego, CA

  "I have been very pleased with Refund Technology. In just a little over three years, they have gotten me nearly $4,000 worth of refunds that I would not otherwise have obtained. All I have to do is wait for the refund report to come in and then verify the refunds with the carrier directly and then wait for my credits to be issued.
Comparing Refund Technology's service versus the amount I have gotten back over the years has paid for itself many times over.
Initial setup was so easy that even I could do it. They walked me right through it and have always been helpful in answering my questions.
I would highly recommend Refund Technology's service to anyone in the mail and parcel industry! What do you have to lose except for maybe a few thousand dollars?"

--Chris J., Danville, KY

 "Refund Technology has become an unexpected income stream in my store. I don't have to pay an employee to sift through hundreds of shipments to find failures. Refund Technology integrates directly with my ShipRite™ shipping software to make the process simple and painless."

--Rajan D., Ft. Worth, TX

 "Refund Technology is a great service. The time they save me from having to audit my shipments and then apply for the refunds is well worth the Refund Technology fee. They are a pleasure to work with."

--Ed D., San Antonio, TX

 "Refund Technology has saved me big money with all the carriers - pays for itself many times over!"

--Bud M., Larchmont, NY


Call us: (888) 438-7801

e-mail us: info@refundtech.com



Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.





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