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If you ship parcels for your own purposes on your own shipping accounts, please review our plan details here.

If you are a Mail & Parcel Center or other Retail Shipping outlet, where you ship parcels for others on your accounts at a retail markup,

please go to our Retail Shipper Details page.    Thank you.



Split Plan:


Under the Zero Risk, Split Plan, we bill you only for a split of the FedEx and UPS Ground, Express and International refunds you receive as a result of our work.


Absolutely no fee if we don’t find a refund.  We are that sure we will save you money!


FREE 5 minute signup on our secure website.

FedEx Express, Ground and International:

View the FedEx guarantees, straight from the FedEx website:

We will automatically track your shipments, identify late deliveries and apply for FedEx refunds on your behalf.


UPS Express, Ground and International:
View the UPS guarantees, straight from the UPS website:We will automatically track your shipments, identify late deliveries and apply for UPS refunds on your behalf.


+ Zero Risk

+ No time contract required. Cancel any time.


+ Carriers always refund money directly to you.

+ You do nothing to assist us!


+ WE DO ALL THE WORK — with proven results.

+ Award winning customer service.


+ We bill you for a split after you receive the refunds from your carrier.

+ Credit cards accepted via our secure website.



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We are currently working for mail and parcel stores, manufacturers, jewelers, printers, job shops, distributors,insurance companies,

apparel companies, internet retailers of all kinds, law firms, title companies, mortgage companies, service companies, ticket agencies,

travel agents, non-profits, and many, many more throughout the United States.  Join us today!



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