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Table of Contents

  1. How much is it going to cost me?
  2. Is there any contract or obligation?
  3. Will this upset the carriers?
  4. Can I claim the refunds myself?
  5. How much savings can we expect?
  6. How do you know what I ship each week?
  7. Do you get the refund and then forward half to our company?




How much is it going to cost me?

Actually, the only "cost" is unclaimed refunds.


With our 50/50 split plan, we charge 50% of the FedEx and UPS© refunds recovered. This is half of the money you're currently not recovering. We do not charge any setup, monthly or other fees. The refunds go directly to you.  We get paid after the carrier pays you and only if you are 100% satisfied with our service!  If there is no shipping refund, you owe us nothing.


With our Retail Shipper Fixed Fee monthly or annual plans, there is one periodic fee covering one or two carrier accounts.  You keep 100% of all refunds.


There are no other costs, fees or charges.


Mail and Parcel Stores - If you are on our split plan and pay a refund to your retail customer, we waive our fee for that refund!  Refund Technology is the biggest no-brainer in the shipping industry!


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Is there any contract or obligation?

There is no contract and no obligation. If at any time you want us to stop tracking your shipments, just send us an email telling us to stop. Our customers love our service because we reduce their freight bills and they don’t have to do any work. This is a totally RISK-FREE OFFER!

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Will this upset the carriers?

No, except that they’d rather keep your money than return it to you! These are the guarantees they offer to everyone. They offer delivery guarantees because they are in competition with each other and want your business.  What they don't tell you is how difficult, confusing and time consuming it is to actually get your refunds. They count on most people to give up without asking for their refunds. We never give up.

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Can I claim the refunds myself?

Absolutely -- but most companies never claim these guaranteed refunds because:

1. They don't know the shipment is late unless the recipient calls to complain.
2. They don't want the time-consuming administrative hassle of claiming the refund.
3. There isn’t enough time in the day to track hundreds of shipments just to find a few refunds.


Some people have bought software over the internet in order to track their own shipments.  Beware!  For years, we searched in vain for a product that would do the job for our customers.  It is far too complex to support and we are not aware of a single one that works as promised.


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How much savings can we expect?

On average, you can expect about a 3%-5% reduction of your bill. Individual savings depend on your location, shipping pattern, service types, destinations, and time of the year.

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How do you know what I ship each week?  Do I have to send you a weekly file?

Once you give us permission to track your shipments, we will automatically collect the information we need directly from the carriers. Signing up for our service may require a quick one-time step that takes only five minutes. Our friendly support staff can walk you through this simple one-time procedure.

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Do you get the refund and then forward our half to our company?

Absolutely NOT! 100% of all refunds are credited directly to you from FedEx and UPS. We will invoice you for our fee at the end of the month. You pay us after the refunds are credited to your account and only if you‘re 100% satisfied with our service.


Call us: (888) 438-7801

e-mail us: info@refundtech.com


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